Rights and Responsibilities

First Rehabilitation Resources, Inc. (FRR) adheres to standards that promote the autonomy of Clients and support Client and Family/Caregiver education and informed decision-making. You, as the Client, have the right to be involved in all choices regarding the services you receive.

You have the right to:

• Receive education regarding your rights and responsibilities;

• Be involved in all choices that are made regarding the services you receive;

• Establish alternative approaches to communication when you or a Family/Caregiver are unable to fully participate in the assessment phase;

• Communicate freely with your Case Manager and Treatment Provider(s) and have input regarding your current health status, treatment options, recommendations and rehabilitation plan;

• Refuse treatment or services, including case management, and recognize that there may be possible implications of such refusal relating to benefit eligibility and/or your health outcomes;

• Use end of life and advance care directives, as applicable;

• Be informed when and how your Case Manager’s services may be changed or discontinued, based on governing law and/or insurance carrier instructions; upon closure of your case by FRR, you will receive verbal or written notification of the rationale and any instructions for your continued well-being; and/or

• File a complaint, directed to the Quality Management Program Coordinator at FRR via telephone (888)252-0368, via email: kbrown@1strehab.com, or in writing to:

First Rehabilitation Resources, Inc.
Attn: QMC Chair

14502 Greenview Drive Suite 360
Laurel, Maryland 20708