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"Utilizing the nurses and counselors within FRR makes being an adjuster a little easier. The service they provide is always top notch. The nurses keep me informed of everything that goes on with treatment and they have excellent communication with myself and the claimant. Thank you for the amazing service provided to myself and more importantly, my client."

-Jen Rallo

"Excellent...wonderful...I learned SO much more than I expected. I'm pretty sure I'll land a job after my next interview."

-FRR Job Club Attendee

"I have worked with FRR for 24 years, and have always had immediate service on all of my cases, whether it be a request for nurse case management, Labor Market Survey or an MSA. If there is a catastrophic claim, I can count on FRR to meet with the family and injured worker at the hospital to obtain detailed information on the severity of the injury so we can plan accordingly. The nurses have excellent knowledge of the medical community as well and referrals to the proper care giver saves us time and money."

-Beth Straw
Claims Manager AS&G Claims Administration 

"I can always count on 1st Rehab for professional, timely action in my cases. It's a pleasure to work with their nurses and counselors."

-John J. Handscomb, ESQ.
Principal Franklin & Prokopik, P.C. 

"Your ideas, responsiveness, and implementation go far beyond industry standards, and even my own expectations. It is clear that First Rehabilitation Resources, Inc. understands the value of maintaining strong relationships with all parties involved. "

-Rikki Ziman, RN, BSN, CCM, WCCM
Key Risk Management Services